Views: Believing in what you have done, Patience and just sitting back

I cannot help but think how things go awfully wrong many a times because you as an individual or organization has not believed on what he/it has done through the long time it takes to take the tree to bear fruits.I have seen so many instances both professionally and personally now, how things have gone off track just when you do not know how close you are to where you wanted to go. One of the primary reasons for things to go amuck i see is interference, taking actions for too many things too many times.

My travel to Africa couple of weeks back was a challenge on my patience. I got a seat next to a lady with a fussy kid. The kid cried, slept, cried, slept, cried slept.... and the cycle continued till we reached Dubai. I did not know what went through the kid and why it was crying. The kid did not let it self be put on the seat belt and was rolling all over creating a mess. I was loosing patience and had a deep urge to scare the child so much that it kept quite for the rest of the journey. But I did not, I saw the mother, all she had was a peaceful, wise look on her face. The gentleman next to me said ‘that’s a mother’s patience and passion’. She has it in her to take the tree to bear fruits.

The current market situation that has had its toll on IT spending, salaries, jobs, growth etc makes me think many times Are things going the way I wanted? Should I move out to a newer organization for money or growth? Should I switch domains? I joined the current organization about four years back with a vision for my future growth. Should i start tinkering with the plans in order to react to the current scenario? May be i should just keep watering my plant in the hope that it would bear fruits.

Recently we saw the Indian markets crash to ridiculously low levels and again ridiculously double within a short period of time. Speculators lost a bundle. Warren Buffet said "Much success can be attributed to inactivity. Most investors cannot resist the temptation to constantly buy and sell". While most investors invested in them, most of them reacted when the market crashed. Many people did not hold out to see their trees bear fruit.

MJ did too many things too many times to himself. It was sad to see this creative legend go down.

The question is whether firms should continue investing in their IT investments? Projects that are budgeted are put on hold. I am sure banks have a vision and a business case with which the projects are budgeted. Should the banks doubt its investment reason and stop watering their plants till the markets improve?


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