Paper series - Value propositions of a core banking solution vs pricing and billing solution

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Banks have started realizing the importance of pricing as a banking enterprise entity. Core banking solution such as Flexcube, Temenos or Finacle fits well as a technology solution for a banks’ day to day business. However a core banking solution itself cannot cater to all the needs for fee based income of a bank. This is attributable to the complex nature of banks operations across its business areas. The banks are often unintentionally grown into a complex structure with its independent departments often referred to as silos having their own systems tied together to a centralized core banking system. Each of these silos has its own product bundles and offerings and a technology component to capture the fee income for the bank. So what comes out over a period of time is a severe disability to visualize the fee income or pricing of such charges at the level of an enterprise. In this article we will discuss, how core banking solution and the associated systems fit in a bank and what value does a pricing and a billing solution bring to the table that a core banking system cannot fulfill. read on 


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